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Energy Star Homes

Energy Star 5-Plus

  • A 50% reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Less than five year payback on the energy-related upgrades. Cost effective building systems keep our homes affordable.
  • Warm Wall™, a highly energy efficient and cost-effective wall system. Our own trade-marked innovation.
  • Site specific design. In-house custom home design for your particular site.
  • Practical and affordable in any price range. New homes from $200,000 to over $1,000,000.

How do we do it?

  • Details are the key. Every component of the thermal envelope in improved.
  • All of the weak points in conventional construction are addressed.
  • Infiltration is greatly reduced and owner-controlled mechanical ventilation is added to maintain a healthy interior environment.
  • The end result is a reduction in energy use by more than 50%, even when passive solar, geothermal or other technologies cannot be used.

Certification Reports

All Energy Star Homes are not equal. The lowest Energy Star rating requires only a 30% reduction in energy used for heating and cooling. The highest rating, Five-Plus, requires a reduction of over 50%. All of our Energy Star homes meet the Five-Plus standard.

How to tell the difference between Energy Star homes? Ask for a copy of the "EPA Energy Star® Homes Certification Report" for recently completed homes. Below are reports for some of our recently completed homes.

The page entitled: "Energy Star Home Verification Summary" lists the HERS Index. This is the overall percentage of predicted energy use compared to the same home built to the reference standard (IECC2004), and includes energy used by appliances and lighting. A home with a HERS Index of 60 will use 60% of the energy of a comparable home.

The page entitled " 2005 EPACT ENERGY EFFICIENT TAX CREDIT" predicts the energy used for heating and cooling only, and contains the certification that the home will use less than 50% of the energy for heating and cooling than the same home built to current energy codes.

EPA Energy Star® Homes Certification Reports

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